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Insurance Covers

Touring-Camping Discount      

Click here for a online quote for Car And Motorhome Cover
                                                Touring Caravan link to follow shortly

At Adrian Flux Insurance Services our comprehensive caravan and motorhome cover has been designed to give you great value for money.
As a member or guest we are able to offer you up to 15% discount on Motorhomes and Touring Caravans.

  • Up to 15% discount for any C&T members & guests

  • 2000 worth of personal effects covered

  • Free Green Card up to 60 days

  • 1000 worth of cover for gas bottles, awnings and generators

  • UK and European breakdown cover available

Please click on the link above to get a no-obligation quote. 



10% Discount To All Touring & Camping Members & Guests

We are pleased to offer all members of C&T 10% off insurance on  all touring caravan, trailer tent and folding campers . Any motorhome owners will receive a small discount. This is in addition to all other discounts for claim free and security conscious owners as outlined in our website.
Please mention that you were refered from to obtain your discount


Get A Great Deal On Your Caravan Insurance With Onequotedirect

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 Caravan Insurance
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